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I help people whom I do not Love.

March 13, 2013

I only Love Me, Myself and I. No other person on this planet is worthy of my Love for every person on this planet is Immoral, Unenlightened and Completely Unaware of the Great Truth of our Multi-Dimensional Universe.

I am not a homosexual man. I do have Temporary Lustful Desires after 18 year old Innocent Virgin Japanese Girls w Big Boobs but these Temporary Lustful Desires are short-lived and will never give me the Happiness which only the Love for Me, Myself and I can give.

Only Me, Myself and I can make me Happy and no one else. No one else can steal the Love which I have for Me, Myself and I for I only Love Me, Myself and I and I don’t Love anyone else! No one on this planet is worthy of being married to me or worthy of being in a relationship with me!

But then, let’s explore this issue further. Do you need to love someone in order to do kind acts for them? Sometimes, I helped a random woman stranger or weak old person, a stranger on the streets with heavy loads but does that mean I love this random woman stranger or weak old person?

I remember helping a woman one time, with 3 kids in tow, by lifting her trolley from top of stairs to bottom of stairs. Then this woman stranger started hitting on me on how she is available and all that shit. I mean take a look at yourself, woman stranger. You are fat, old and ugly. You are used by other men in order to bear their babies and now you expect me to provide for other men’s babies when I can’t even provide for my own seed?

I help a fat, ugly old woman with her heavy loads because no man would even give her the time of the day. Because men are like dogs. They only help beautiful women because they want sex from them. But does this mean I love or am attracted to this fat, ugly, old woman just because I helped her when no other men are willing to step forward?

I will never touch any woman who had bear another man’s seed because to me these women are used baggage. I will also never touch any woman, single or not, above 35 years old. When you made love to a woman, she will pass all her energies, good and bad to you.

As my energies are more refined and purer than other people on earth, why would I let anyone, especially a used woman, from stealing my refined and pure Loving energies and then let these used filthy women give me her Shit Energies in return?!

Do I hate women? Of course not. Do I love women? Of course not. I have no feelings, no hate no love, towards women or anyone else on this planet in general unless they crossed swords with me personally. Why would I hate or love anyone whom I don’t even know that well?

I do good for people if I can help people within the limits which are pretty low anyway cos I am no Bill Gates.

On the other hand, I am not above fucking people up if they treat other people as slaves. We live in a slave world where the Politicans enslave the citizens, the Bosses of Corporations enslave their employees, the Parents enslave their kids. If I see a child molester stalking a kid for eg, I wouldn’t hesitate to call the cops.

But you know what, I really hate those “Jesus Christ Do-Gooders Martyrs Saint” types who go around preaching about God and Love, who go around fcuking everyone and everything, man woman child baby animal because they are lonely inside and need to suck the Love Energies from everyone else because they are Love Energy Vampires!

I Detest and Hate these Pretender Hypocrite Do-Gooder Martyrs Saints most of all because they Pretend to be Holy, Good, Pure and Loving but they know jack shit about Love and Purity as they do not find their Inner God within, they do not find the Love within and instead go around stealing Love Energies from everyone else!

You know, I really hate being emotionally and mentally connected with all these Love Energy Vampires because to me, all these Love Energy Vampires are filthy, impure and dirty! They think about nothing but Love and Sex all the time then they transfer all their Dirty Energies to me and then I have to Clean and Refine these Dirty Energies and return all the Clean and Pure Refined Energies to these Love Energy Vampires!

What do you think I am?! A Love Energy Laundry Machine?!

I am a cross between an Anti-Hero and a Villain. I do good. I do bad. But above all, I Love Me, Myself and I because all of you are Filthy Polluted Animals! All you Filthy Polluted Animals do not Deserve my Pure Refined Love! Any problems with that?!


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